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Historic Winton is an annual event run by the Austin 7 Club Inc and is Australiaís longest running all-historic motor race meeting. They run 46 action packed events over the weekend with cars from 1919 to 1984,16 motorbike and sidecar events, in all 250 historic cars and 100 bikes take part.    

Friday 24 May 2013

As we arrived at the Glenrowan Tourist Park Brian Brooks was already there with his blue sedan, Don Jones in his yellow sedan and trailer and his two sons Sam and Jack who drove up in Samís Holden Kingswood.  We had a fantastic drive to Glenrowan in superb weather with the sun setting and the moon rising.   We had hamburgers with the lot at Nedís Hamburgers and lots of laughs before going back to the cabins.  Maxine and Jim Fowler in their sedan and David Hamilton in his van arrived a bit later.

 Saturday 25 May 2013

Brian and his helpers set up the canopy nice and early in a great spot in the display area at the Winton Motor Raceway.  Brian, David, Fred, Jim, Don, Peter Zampelis, Ray Morgan from NE Wangaratta Club, Des McCall & Colin Cox from Benalla in mustard van previously owned by Ted & Mary Jones, then lastly after supporting the community on the way to Winton Dianne Davie & Judy Spencer arrived, there is always room for another pair of shoes!

The historic cars of every description and motorbike races were spectacular with drivers pushing their machines as hard as they could.  Once again we were the cheer squad for fellow club member Russell Clough racing in his blue 1937 Austin 7. 

This year we had a byo BBQ at the Caravan Park and shared nibblies and salads washed down with a few drinks.  We went inside for dessert, Dianneís vanilla slice is amazing, as it was getting a bit chilly outside and we all had a good time.   

Sunday 26 May 2013

A cool start but we had a beautiful warm sunny day to enjoy the races.  Lee and Hayley Ball came up early in their red van, Maxineís brother Ray had his 1964 Studebaker Cruiser on display and it was good to see Dianne McKennie and her daughter Rose who also came up for the day.  We watched many races some from the S bend part of the circuit,  it was a great view from the other side of the track.  The sidecar events were pretty scary with all the twists and turns of the circuit.   We had a look around the pits and generally a terrific day and weekend.  There was so much going on come and join us next year and find out for yourself.

 Thanks to Brian Brooks for organizing the weekend it was a well supported event for our little club with many members attending having a great time and of course our cars      attracted a lot of attention.  







Russell Clough racing in his blue 1937 Austin 7

Russell Clough in the pits
Brian waiting to be interviewed
Des McCall's Austin A30 Van