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National Steam Museum Scoresby

We met at the Scoresby Village Shopping Centre and had coffee at Hueys  Bakehouse Café-Bakery before heading off to the National Steam Museum just up the road.   This is a not for profit association set up with the aim of acquiring, preserving and exhibiting historical machinery.  The last Sunday of each month members and exhibitors are proud to show off their steam engines and machinery and talk about their special interest. There was certainly a lot to see, huge sheds filled with tractors, trucks, stationary steam engines, portable steam driven displays and more.  They even have the engine room from a steam tug Lyttelton 11.  

Brian couldn’t believe his eyes when he recognised a piece of machinery, a  Ruston-Hornby Gas Engine, that he had worked on as a student studying Thermo Dynamics at Caulfield Tech in 1966. 

We took turns to ride on a 1911 8hp Marshall Road Locomotive Black Butt,   however, felt a bit uneasy when Don was at the controls!  Maxine and I went for a drive in a 1925 Chevrolet Superior K around the grounds.                          Fred, Brian, Jim & Philip disappeared into the drag link, Big Foot Rapier,      earth moving machine that once operated in the mines. 

We went on a mini steam train ride, the little steam engine had a lot of go, and we went in no time around the property that is quite big.

Our cars on display attracted a lot of interest and we had a terrific day.


Annette Brauneis