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                27-29 MARCH 2010

On Saturday 27 March Don & Sue met up with Ron & Laraine and travelled together to Creswick where they joined Brian, Dianne and Peter, Jim and Maxine for an enjoyable meal at the American Hotel. All except the one in a swag had a good nights sleep!

Fred and I arrived early Sunday morning and bumped into Ron & Laraine while having breakfast at a bakery in Creswick.  We admired the paint job Ron did on his little four door, however, there was some debate about the colour, was it regency red or maroon, with a white roof.  Well done Ron.


Early Sunday morning Brian drove to Smeaton, north of Creswick, to check the location for our car display.  We had an ideal corner spot complete with picnic table.  Colin Ingram, A30 member, drove up in his MG for the day.  The five-storey bluestone mill is impressive with its tall chimney, many outbuildings such as stables, grain store and was built and operated by the Anderson family from 1862 to 1959.  It was good to see the massive iron water wheel still working. The Mill worked through boom times, depression and war and produced the flour and gains to feed the many miners who flocked to the region during the Gold Rush. 


The Festival offered excellent food, fine wines and live music in a fantastic setting on the banks of Birch Creek.  It was great to be part of this colourful event, there was a wonderful community atmosphere with continuous live entertainment, workshops, various demonstrations, displays and an amazing array of stall holders with high quality goods for sale.  There was also a lot of interest shown in our special little cars.   Damian Howard and the Ploughboys finished off the afternoon with their stirring Australian version of The Wild Colonial Boy.  Unfortunately Brian, Dianne and Peter had to head home after the Festival.


Ron, Laraine, Don, Sue, Jim, Maxine and Fred and myself enjoyed dinner at the Farmers Arms Hotel to finish off a lovely day.  Don & Sue headed home on Monday morning via Bendigo while the rest of us came home Fredís way ie backroads.

The first stop was quite a long one, thanks to me, at the Creswick Woollen Mills.  They produce high quality natural-fibre products including Alpaca blankets, throws etc.  Naturally I couldnít resist fossicking in the remnant bin for some bargains!  Then out on the Midland Highway to Dalesford where we had a look around antique shops and had lunch.  After lunch we drove along the DalesfordĖTrentham Road and took a side trip to check out the Trentham Falls.  After overnight rain and water in the creek the Falls were spectacular.  We took the backroads to Woodend then on to Romsey.  The countryside is absolutely beautifully with Hanging Rock to the left and Mt Macedon to the right.  The road to Wallan was undulating with quite a few roller coaster dips.  It was good fun picking up speed on the way down and zooming up as far as you could on the other side before changing down the gears.  From Wallan we drove on backroads to Whittlesea and on to Yan Yean Reservoir where we had a big break.  Ron, Laraine, Jim and Maxine couldnít wipe the smiles off their faces talking about the big dippers and the drive through the countryside.  It was the first big run for Jimís car and now has more confidence in using it on longer trips.   Here we parted ways and Jim and Maxine who went home via Hurstbridge and we went along Yan Yean Road.  The drive from Creswick to Melbourne was absolutely terrific the cars performed really well and are ideally suited for roads like this.


Annette Brauneis

Trentham Falls