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Terry Johnson's 1952 A30
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Hi everyone over there in Vic my name is Terry Johnson from WA and I joined your club a year ago after putting in the highest bid on a 1952 A30 that Shannonís had up for auction.

The reason I put the bid in was a case of I saw the photo of it and in a moment of nostalgic madness decided that I wanted that car. My Mom owned one when I was a young kid and to be honest I hadnít even given a thought to an A30 since. Until I saw the photo of that little car as lot 1 on that Shannonís broacher and, much to the surprise of all my family and friends, I decided that that car was mine.


After some time waiting for the auction and then waiting for ever to finally get the car here I just couldnít get the smile off my face at how cute it was. I had it delivered to work and it brought a smile to everyoneís face as well. They all loved it and over the week I used it to go to work and back to get used to the car I took everyone from work for a spin. I don't do things by half and when I say take it for a spin I mean see what it can do on the main highway near work.

70mph might not seem a lot these day's but the fact that a little 1952 803cc car could do that and be steady on the road with 4 people on board impressed the guy's from work I can say.


And then came my first run with the WA branch of The Austin Motor Vehicle Club. And on the way to the meeting spot the gear stick came out. It was all fixed in time to join the run thanks to some good friends of mine from the P76 club who ran me around to get some new bolts and some of the Austin guy's who helped get it unjammed between 1-2


That was my first run on a club outing and the only one that Iíve had a problem with in a year of having the car.

Since then Iíve been on many good run's with our club over here and apart from the fact that she didn't really enjoy the 2 summer run's when it was over 40 she is a joy to drive and to see other people on the road smiling as they pass me is a good thing to see as well, espeicialy the kids.


About me, well Iíve been involved with cars well before I had a license having a R/C car at about 14 and getting my 1'st car at 16yo in 1978. It was my dads Leyland P76 which stated me on my way to buying many more during the 80's as well as a Morris 1100 to help a friend out but a fun car in my hand's which swapped for a XP Falcon which I also had a lot of fun with, but I still had and still do have my P's and still love them but I also enjoy getting out in the old A30.

Come to think of it I have never had a bad thought or comment about any car or truckís (even the army ones) that I have driven just enjoy them all and have fun.


Hope to see some of you guy's at the AOA here