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 It all started when I was walking the streets of Hasting Town when I saw an Austin A30 2 Door parked outside the camping store. On inspection I saw this as a new classic I could do up, the owners were Warren and Pam Barry. On speaking to them about the car theysaid they were members of the A30 club and if I was interested they could put me in contact with Bob Talbot. When I spoke to Bob he said he had the ideal car for me at his place of work, so within a week I was the proud owner of an AS4 A30, but the catch was I had to join the A30 Club. The rest is history.

With the car at home the work started on bringing the car up to standard. The A30 shared the garage with my 1940 Chevrolet. I pulled out the motor but it was in need of repair, so a replacement was found. While it was out the engine bay and body was prepared ready for painting. With the 50th Year rally in Echuca coming up the Chev was sold to finance the completion of the Austin. Bought and installed carpet while the doors were off. Sprayed the car in the garage at home the same colour as my work truck which just happened to be Canary Yellow. This was the first car that I had ever sprayed. I made a few mistakes, but being acrylic that was no problem.

 The 50 year rally was fast approaching so a big effort was put in to have the car finishedfor the run to Echuca. Bumpers, Grille chromed and all finishing touches done. Car registered and ready to go, about 1 month before with time to iron out all bugs.

 It has been over 5 years now since it has been on the road; over that time changes have been made to improve the car. The A30 is such fun to drive and rally in. Over the years A30s have come and gone, as spares are required, with different parts going to other club members. One being a 2 door, which was garaged for 30 years and then being sold to our treasurer Dianne which she has on the road now.

 The A30 will never be sold off as I enjoy the company of all the members in the club and I just love my A30. The A30 now shares the garage with an Austin A40 Farina. If my wife would let me I am sure I would have more.

Don Jones's Yellow Austin A30
Under Restoration 
Project completed and on display
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