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Club BBQ at The McIntosh's Farm

 It was a credit to Graeme as everything was nicely stacked away neat and tidy.

About 1.30pm our lunch was ready and everyone sat down and tucked into a lovely BBQ and salads followed by desserts.

After lunch members spent further time in viewing the range of vehicles and equipment plus many discussions on members cars that were driven to the event.

It was a very enjoyable and relaxing day.

Firstly thanks to Graeme for his hospitality and the use of his farm, and to the Committee members who arranged the day and Fred who I presumed purchased the meat, but also did the cooking.

But most of all many thanks to Dianne, Annette, Pauline & Maxine who supplied the Salads, sweets etc., also to Ro who helped Fred with the cooking and also without hesitation did all the washing up.

It was certainly appreciated.


Today they are tipping about 18 degrees and rain, they will no doubt be right with the 18 degrees but rain, forget it.

We had to drive across Melbourne to Heatherton about 35kms.

Arriving at Graemeís place a number of the members had already arrived.  While we were waiting for the lunch to cook most of us had a tour around the property, blimey there were tractors, trucks and of course Austinís plus lots of machinery for the men folk to drool over.

The range of large four wheel drive and conventional vans and utes was an eye opener, and, almost all were in running order.

The tractors were purpose fitted to certain tasks that was associated with the past market garden and flower production on the property.

I know all present  had a very enjoyable day and looking forward to another one in the future.

Thanks again to Graeme for his kind hospitality and his brother Andrew and the ATHS truck club for supplying the tables and BBQ.

 Dot Bacon