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Australia Day Historic Vehicle Display in Kings Domain 2008.
 Today a very important day for every Australian and what better way to celebrate AUSTRALIAN DAY is by attending the Historic Vehicle Display, they had just about 500 entrants from all over Victoria and Interstate.

Of course this was an Australian Day we cannot forget as Mario Napoleone had his A30 Van on show for the very first time and it looked terrific. Of course we have to thank David & Cristina his two children for getting onto Mario’s back to get it finished.

As usual Tom, Bob Talbot and myself were the Marshall’s at Highpoint again, we thoroughly enjoy it, as you meet up with so many nice and friendly people year after year.

We took Graeme’s van as you can pack all the Regalia into the back and still have plenty of room.

After the last car had departed Highpoint we proceeded into King’s Domain ourselves.  People walking along would stop and stare at the 2 Austin’s going along.  Anyway we arrived at the Check in point and we were ushered through to park our cars and here was our Official Parking Officer – Don Jones waiting for us.  Thanks again Don.  If you did not see Don you could see his little Yellow Peril parked.

After checking in with the left over Regalia etc., we proceeded to a large big shady tree that the A40 members had secured.   

Thanks to all the A40 members it was greatly appreciated.  

Dot Bacon