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Fitted with 1040cc engine (948 cc bored out)
1 3/4 inch SU with Mini Metro manifold, extractors, close ratio straight cut gearbox
Lancer 9 inch drum brakes front and 8 inch Lancer drum brakes rear
Painted canary yellow and fitted with with 5 1/2 inch Minilite style wheels
Interior fully retrimed red
Has a different diff ratio - which is unknown - possibly 4.55 or 4.22
Photos in the club magazine $6950
Call Noel on 0447 775 656

The club has available reconditioned shackle assemblies which have come from
 the A30A35 Club in England. The assembly for one side is $30 exchange.
 See pictures in the club magazine for more details. Contact Brian.

5 Wheels and Tryres
-Wheels balanced inner and outer rims
-Wheels newly painted and decorated
$650 (neg)

Air Cleaner - Ram Flo 1 1/4 SU 300 series
foam element and chrome mesh $25

Contact Bill Fitter - 03 9710 1847
Mel. Ref. M264- F3- Smiths Gully, Vic

Austin A30 AS4 No rust inside and outside. Car has been always been under cover. Car is running
Brakes and Trim work has to be done. Easy Project $3500 Udeni 0433 323 484

Complete Interior -red -suit A30, reasonable condition $200
A30 Steering Wheel Boss - suit sports wheel- boss only - new $80
( Sports wheels available separately)
Quartz Halogen A30 Headlights complete - used $20 each
1 1/2 inch SU on water heated Mini Metro style inlet manifold $200
Brake Master Cylinder - overhauled $120
Good Front Shockers $120 each
Blinker Assys- complete with amber glass lens, chrome ring, socket and
rubber boot Used $20 each
Tail light assys- complete with red glass lens, chrome ring, socket and
rubber boot Used $20 each
Timing Chain - New $20
A30 Carburettor Zenith DJS Used good Shaft $55
Water Pump (803 cc) used in good condition $95
Water Pump (803 cc) -reconditioned $140
Fuel Tank - Used $40
Radiator - Used $0
Many other parts available
Contact Peter Zampelis in Melbourne Ph 03 9404 2573

For Sale

Austin A30. Very clean and original example. Paintwork and trim good condition
948 engine runs well. Doors and rubbers are all good. $8k. All offers considered.
Car is at Oatley in NSW. Contact Mrs Noele Offord 02 95809007.
Mobile 0408 266 006

For Sale

1954 Austin A30 for sale

My asking price is $5000 as it is in very good condition with many spare parts. (Too
many to name).The inside of the vehicle is fully upholstered. The outside has some minor rust
spots, and is not running or registered.

Please feel free to contact me for a more detailed description.

Ray Macminn

Home: 9717 8866 or mobile: 0407 889 065

For Sale

Austin A30 4 door sedan, very rusty but complete.

Comes with 2 spare short engines (803cc)
AS 3 boot lid
1 A30 gearbox
1 Minor 1000 gearbox
Total price $300. Make ideal parts car.

Car is located in Ballarat
PH 03 5342 0963

For Sale

SU carburettor with manifold 1-1/8th" suit standard Austin A30 engine. This is the
correct carburetor for 803cc engines.

Carburetor is sold in used condition. It has been tested for leaks and is in operable

These carburetors give improved fuel economy and more power (3 BHP) than the
standard Zenith carburettor.

Total cost carburettor and manifold $60 PH Brian 0413 304 585

For Sale
Worn shackle pins usually occur on the top pin where it runs in the body bush.
The wear is usually aggravated because people don't grease them properly.

The club has available reconditioned assemblies.
The parts for these have come from the A30/A35 club in England and have been tested
and proven over there.

An assembly for one side is $30 exchange and this comes as a complete kit ready for
instillation with all the components required.
You don't require any special tools and they are easy to fit.

Call Brian on ph 0413 304 585

For Sale

5 Wheels and new tyres


$650 (neg)

Air cleaner - Ram Flo 1 1/4SU 300 series. Foam element and chrome mesh $25

Contact Bill Fitter - 03 9710 1847
Mel Ref: M264-F3 - Smiths Gully, Vic